Why Choose UCLA?

Congratulations! You were accepted into the number one most applied-to university in America! You are probably weighing all of your options and comparing UCLA with other top schools across the country. With over 125 majors in over 109 departments, academics are a strong incentive to commit to the number one public university in the nation. UCLA boasts a 91% graduation rate and some of the most renowned faculty in the world including, but not limited to, fourteen Nobel Laureates and fifteen MacArthur Fellows. But, academics are not the only thing that sets UCLA apart from its competitors. 


       UCLA has an incredibly diverse student body, which thrives through clubs and organizations of all stripes, from religious communities such as Hillel to Division One sports teams like gymnastics and basketball. From pre-professional organizations that provide students with necessary experience in their preferred fields to clubs that allow members to give back to their communities and volunteer within the Los Angeles area, UCLA has got it all. UCLA has over 1,300 clubs and if you, somehow, do not find something that piques your interest, you can always create your own club! Additionally, if Greek Life is up your alley, UCLA has thirteen sororities and twenty fraternities that are always welcoming new members. An important saying that definitely applies to UCLA is “you can always make a big school smaller, but you cannot make a small school bigger”. Through various groups and activities, students can meet lifelong friends and experience things that they might never have experienced before. UCLA is filled to the brim with opportunities, you just need to reach out and grab them. 

         Another thing that distinguishes UCLA from other universities is the vibrant community in the dorms, also called “The Hill”. On The Hill, you will find four different types of living arrangements as well as eight residential restaurants, all in one place. As UCLA currently holds the number one spot in the nation for on-campus food, students typically live in the dorms for their first two years of college and excitedly come back to the dining halls in their junior and senior years when their friends offer to "swipe them in". Living on The Hill provides a college experience that cannot be matched by other universities where the dorms are spread out and it is a lot harder to see some of your friends who may live on the other side of campus. 

     Lastly, a huge bonus of committing to UCLA is the active and thriving Jewish community. Although UCLA is obviously not an explicitly Jewish university, Hillel at UCLA provides a plethora of resources and opportunities for Jewish students in various different areas. One of the many special things about Hillel at UCLA is that it has its own multi-story building on campus that has the only other dining hall at UCLA that accepts meal swipes that isn't on The Hill, as well as its very own Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee bar. Hillel allows you to travel to Israel on Bruin Birthright and discover pieces of your identity that you may have never encountered before while learning about the rich history of the nation and making new friends. You can get paid to learn about fascinating topics such as “Sex, Love, and Romance” or “Life’s Big Questions” through studying Jewish texts in a modern way in our Jewish Learning Fellowships. You have the ability to join and pursue leadership roles in any of the organizations that fall under the “Hillel Umbrella” such as Bruins for Israel, Challah for Hunger, the Persian Community of Hillel, the Jewish Pre-Med Society, the Transfer Undergraduate Students of Hillel, and many, many more. But, most importantly, you can form some of the strongest bonds with people with different majors and interests than you, just by sitting together at Hillel’s weekly Shabbat dinners or by playing ping-pong in the building. Hillel is an ever-growing community, and almost all of the students that pass in and out of the building daily will say that it is by far the best part of their college experience. 

      UCLA is the number one public school in the nation for many reasons. However, the people that you will encounter on this campus are some of the brightest and kindest souls that you can find anywhere in the country, and they are all excited to welcome you into the Bruin Family with open arms.

Go Bruins!