7 Reasons Why You Should Intern For JLF: Sex, Love & Romance

by Elena Brown

1. Meet weekly to share a meal with friends and new faces, and find some NJBs and NJGs!

2. Take a quiz that breaks down which of the five love languages you connect with most. 

3. Talk about love at first sight, or lack there of, in modern contexts, like in the movie "Mean Girls". 

4. Come to realize your relationship seems long distance, even if you and your partner only live 3 miles away. 

5. Interning consists of taking your friends on coffee and ice cream dates. 

6. Open your eyes to other people’s beliefs and morals when in both an intimate relationship or friendship. 

7. Believe it or not, ancient Jewish texts can be applied to modern day dating.


Elena Brown was a Winter 2019 Jewish Learning Fellow and the intern for the Spring 2019 cohort of the Sex, Love, and Romance track.