Jewish Learning Fellowship

Friends, Food, and Torah

The Jewish Learning Fellowship is the #1 way to plug into Jewish life at UCLA.  The Fellowship is a 10-week conversational seminar on a new Big Question each week.  Cohorts of Fellows meet weekly with a staff educator share a meal, dive deep into a particular topic, and get to know one another.  Upon completion, each Fellow will receive a $180 stipend.


Here's what we have in store for Fall Quarter.  Register here!

Israel Learning Fellowship 

When: Mondays 

Who: Learn with Navee

What: Learn about Zionism, burning issues in Israeli society, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sex, Love, and Romance

When: Tuesdays 

Who: Learn with Maili 

What: This course explores the ethics of human relationships and sexuality in the Jewish tradition through traditional Jewish texts. Speak frankly and openly about intimacy, gender, sexuality, and more.

Life's Big Questions

When: Wednesdays

Who: Learn with Molly

What: Ask big questions through learning Jewish texts. How do I make the most out of college? Who am I? What communities am I a part of? What is worth committing myself to, and why?

Judaism 101

When: Thursdays

Who: Learn with Rabbi Tarlan

What: Unpack the foundations of Judaism with Rabbi Tarlan and hit refresh on the things you don’t remember from religious school growing up.