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Talia Shakib




To me, the silver lining of quarantine is self growth. It is the escape from the feeling of being restrained. Throughout quarantine, I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, all rooting from the recurring emotion of feeling trapped.
This piece is a representation of growth and the release from the restrictions that this current time has presented society with. A mirror is representative of these restrictions because it can often rob individuals of their self-worth and lead them to feel lost, similar to how many feel during quarantine.
As explained above, the mirror is representative of the struggles that life today has presented society with. There is no reflection in the mirror, but rather the mirror includes moving shadows to illustrate mystery and the unknown, something that I have struggled with throughout quarantine. The hands root from the mirror, demonstrating that they once allowed the mirror to consume them, but are now seeking help. Therefore, these hands are representative of an escape. The hands were intentionally drawn in a disturbing manner to reflect the damage that current life has caused them. However, the escape from the mirror represents the flourishment and strength that I have achieved during this challenging time.

Sara Flynn




As difficult as quarantine has been, remaining at home has decreased pollution levels which helps the environment. This vase is reminiscent of the shapes, colors, and movements of plants and animals found in coral reefs that benefit from this lack of human interference. This period of quarantine has also awarded me the time to begin creating pottery again. My silver lining of quarantine has been the chance to explore my creativity and continue a previous passion.

Rachel Alexander

Honorable Mention

What I've Seen


This is all an extended version of my Final Project for my Drawing class this past spring quarter. They are a collection of sketches that I've made over quarantine, usually while on Zoom calls. I draw the things around me, what I'm feeling, or the people I see at my meetings. It's helped me express myself during this weird time. I like them both as a collection, and as individual pieces, and I hope to continue making more of them this year.

Lena Esther Sibony


An Ode to Distance


A poem for anyone facing more distance than usual.

Louis Gluck

Honorable Mention



This piece depicts a cross section of a fig and fig leaf. It is made from an old tennis racket, paper mâché, cardboard, and paint. I made this piece because I was interested in the motif of the fig. I was also inspired by the form of the racket and I wanted to explore ways of transforming it. One of the main silver linings I have found in quarantine is reconnecting and embracing natural beauty and harmony. I felt that when the lockdown started one of the most shocking disruptions was being torn away for common worldly forms of company and entertainment. Instead, we now turn to places of nature and isolation to replace that. I found this contrast really struck true in my sculpture because I used to love playing tennis with friends, embracing others to engage me. I transformed the racket, a symbol of connection with others, into a fig. The fig symbolizes natural abundance, beauty, and sweetness, which is was quarantine has brought me to love too. Additionally, the fig blooming in the summer represents the reset that summer is. A time of year to rest, enjoy, and restore ourselves in order to rejoin a community more whole. I find this to be one of the blessings in disguise that quarantine has brought.